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Best Kitchen Cabinets – Buyer’s Guide

It has been said that the heart of any home is the kitchen. Housewives need the best kitchen cabinets.The kitchen area is the most used area in any home, and most people dedicate a lot of time to making their kitchen the masterpiece of their home. In fact, the number one reason a person decides on a home when they are purchasing it has to do with how much they like the kitchen.

Kitchens, however, often do not have enough cupboard space. People have a tendency to collect things for their kitchen, even if they do not use these items every day. So storage can quickly become an issue. A cluttered kitchen is simply unacceptable, so many people turn to free standing cabinets, or buffet and hutch style pieces to complement their kitchen décor and provide much-needed storage space.

Best Kitchen Cabinets of 2018

While selecting one of these pieces of furniture may seem very simple, it is often quite complicated. There are many more things to consider beyond size and color when selecting these cabinets. We have reviewed best kitchen cabinets 2018 and have found the top ten styles and brands that are sure to fit your needs.

Home Styles

(Editor’s Choice)
solid wood72*44*17 Check Price
Glass Cabinet

(Best Budget Choice)
highest quality
particle board
71*34*15 Check Price
Winsome Kitchen
Storage Cart
solid birch wood34*27*18 Check Price
Miranda Cabinet
pressed wood47*31*12 Check Price
Winsome Mali
Kitchen Cart
solid wood34*36*18
Check Price
Sauder Summer
Home Pantry
pressed board61*21*14 Check Price
ioHOMES Server
with Removable

wood35*47*15 Check Price
Home Styles
Americana Pantry

manufactured wood72*30*16 Check Price
Prepac Elite Tall
1-Door Corner

composite wood
72*29*19 Check Price
go2buy Antique
Stackable Sideboard

medium density
25*42*13 Check Price

1.Home Styles Buffet – Best Buffet and Hutch Styled Cabinet


The Home Styles Wood Buffet and Hutch is a very attractive piece of furniture. It is sure to compliment any area in which it is placed, and the design allows it to be used throughout the home and not just in the kitchen. This is a two-piece item and is sold together to make one complete item. The two tone color of the cabinet, white for the main piece and natural wood for the top of the buffet, makes the piece compatible to any décor.

The furniture is made out of wood and has veneer coatings. The wood is also treated with a clear coat to give it protection from everyday use. The legs sit a couple of inches off of the ground which makes it easy to clean under. The protective coating allows for quick cleaning with a soft cloth.

The buffet features three large utility drawers at the top with two side opening cabinets underneath. As an additional perk, the center of the bottom of the buffet contains a matching wine rack. The hutch features two cabinets with glass doors with two small shelves in between them and a large space between the bottom of the shelves and the top of the buffet. It is a very beautiful piece that will provide a lot of storage room.

The entire piece stands 72 ¼ inches high and is 44 ¾ inches wide. This is a perfect size for just about any home. The piece has adjustable floor levelers in the legs so you are guaranteed a sturdy and straight fit anywhere you place this solidly constructed piece in your home.


The solid construction of the piece makes it exceptionally heavy. You are also required to put this piece together. It is very complicated to build and if you are not handy in this type of way, you are better off paying to have the piece built for you. We recommend that you build it near where you want it to go in your home because at over 200 pounds, it can be a chore to move.


The Home Styles Wood Buffet and Hutch is a very attractive cabinet that will enhance any décor area. It is constructed from solid wood giving it the sturdiness necessary for storage. It can be difficult to construct, but once together it will be a valued piece within your home.
  • All wood materials
  • Exceptional amount of storage space
  • Clear coating for easy cleaning
  • Very heavy piece because of materials used
  • Assembly can be complicated

3.Winsome Kitchen Storage Cart – Best Cabinet For Small Kitchens


The Winsome Wood Single Drawer Kitchen Cabinet should be looked at more as a kitchen island than a permanent cabinet. This cabinet is perfect for small kitchens because it can double as a work space and storage space. For those who love to entertain, this cabinet is also ideal. The solid casters allow for the cabinet to be mobile and you can use it anywhere in your home or your yard.

Made from solid birch wood and left with a natural finish, the cabinet will compliment any area. The top is a solid piece of wood, making it ideal to use as a cutting board area. The large storage drawer can hold utensils with ease, and the cabinet underneath is perfect for kitchen storage.


The cabinet is small. It measures only 34 inches high and is 36 inches wide. The depth is only 18 inches. If you need a lot of storage room, this is not your cabinet. The casters can be a benefit for entertaining, but they can also be a drawback if you want to have your storage area in a specific place. If your cabinet is going to be stationary, the wheels give it a sketchy look.


If you are looking for more storage in a small kitchen area, this is the right piece for you, The solid counter top is ideal for food preparation, and the wheels make it easy to move through your kitchen area for the most convenient place to work. A very good value for the money.
  • Perfect for small kitchen areas
  • Can double as a kitchen island for preparing meals
  • Portable so you can use it anywhere in the home
  • Cabinet is small and provides limited storage
  • If you are looking for permanent storage, wheels detract from overall appearance

5.Winsome Mali Kitchen Cart – Best Budget Kitchen Cart


If you are looking for a storage area that can double as a workspace and be easily moved through your kitchen, then you will love the Winsome Mali Kitchen Cart. The cabinet has a solid wood top that can easily be used as a cutting area. The rest of the cabinet includes a utility drawer, a storage area, and three shelves. A towel bar is conveniently located on the right side of the unit.

The dark brown color was very attractive in the different areas where we placed the piece, making it perfect for any décor. The cabinet is on casters, making it easy to use as an entertainment cart or to simply move to different areas of your kitchen.

The cabinet is small, so those with limited space in their kitchens will appreciate this cabinet. It can easily double as a kitchen island. The top two shelves are removable allowing people to use the large space to hold things such as a trash bin.


You need to be able to assemble the product when you make the purchase. Even though it is small, it still can be a little difficult to line everything up correctly. The wheels fit very snuggly in the legs, which is a headache when assembling, but a benefit once completed.

The unit is small. It is only 34.5 inches high and 36 inches wide. The wheels seem extraordinarily large for the unit. While it does provide extra stability for the piece, they are very noticeable and it takes away from the overall appeal of the piece.


Overall, we think this would be a very good piece if you like to entertain. The design seems more appropriate to use as a service cart during a party than an overall storage piece. However, if you have a small kitchen, it may be a very beneficial cabinet. We like the solid wood top and the color is very appealing.
  • Lightweight and easy to move around
  • Color is very appealing in any décor
  • Storage shelves are changeable
  • Unit is very small and does not have a lot of storage space
  • Wheels are different color than cart

6.Sauder Summer Home Pantry – Best Pantry Style Kitchen Cabinet


The Sauder Summer Homer Pantry is a very nice cabinet for those looking for some additional storage in their kitchen area. Tall and slim, this cabinet can fit into a small space while providing additional storage. The top of the cabinet can also work as a shelf, giving you an extra place to display your favorite kitchen items.

There are three shelves within the cabinet that can be sized to your needs. As an extra bonus, there is hidden storage on the back of the door of the cabinet. The oak finish is complimentary to any type of décor.

The piece needs to be assembled when you purchase it, but it is very simple in comparison to similar models. There is very little assembly required, and the front of the cabinet only requires hinges and the knob.

The slim design is what is most attractive about this cabinet. It is also light weight in comparison. When fully assembled the piece is five foot high and weighs only 68 pounds. Despite its light weight, it is very sturdy and the shelves can hold a lot of weight. You can easily use this for kitchen appliances or a place to store canned goods.


The reason that the cabinet is so light when it is finished being constructed is because it is made from a pressed board. The oak finish, while nice, is simply a veneer. The pressed board seems to be very solid, but it is not as sturdy as wood.

Because of the veneer and pressed board, we found that this cabinet does not do well in areas that are damp. If your kitchen or storage area has a humidity problem, you may see the cabinet swelling and becoming distorted.


We think that this is a very good cabinet if you have a nice dry place to keep it at all times. The extra storage behind the door is a bonus, and the slim design allows it to easily fit into any area.

The oak colored finish is very complimentary to any décor, and the cabinet is lightweight and easy to move.

  • Tall and slim design allows it to fit into small spaces
  • Bonus storage area on the back of the door
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Made from pressed board
  • Lightweight materials may inhibit the weight of storage items

7.ioHOMES Server with Removable Crate – Best Server Style Storage Cabinet


The ioHomes Lopez Plank Style Server has several benefits. First off, it is very attractive. The rustic look of the plank doors combined with the crate storage in the middle gives this vintage style a very modern look. The stemware rack and wine bottle holder adds to the benefits of the piece.

The walnut finish will compliment any area. Each of the storage cabinets has three shelves for convenient storage. The large top surface area can easily be converted to shelf space.

The walnut finish is a veneer, making it very easy to clean. Simply wipe with a soft dry cloth and it looks like new. The bottom of the cabinet reaches to the floor, eliminating dust space underneath the piece.


Our biggest complaint about the piece is that it is so low to the ground. We feel that it should have come with legs. Once constructed, the shelf only stands 36 inches high, making it a little inconvenient to access all the storage areas. It is also odd reaching down to retrieve wine glasses or bottles.

The product is made from veneer board. We are not sure if it is compressed wood or board, and there is no available information for us to verify. Because of this, we are a little unsure how sturdy the piece is or how much weight can be stored in it before it bows.


We love the look of this piece, and if you do not mind the height, you will find it a nice addition to your furniture. The cabinet can be used in any area of your home, not just the kitchen area. The dark walnut finish complements all decors or stands out to be the center of attention.
  • Very attractive piece that will compliment any area
  • Removable crate storage area
  • Wine rack and glass holder
  • Low to the ground and more like a coffee table
  • Made from veneer board and may not handle a lot of weight for stored items

8.Home Styles Americana Pantry – Best Budget Pantry Cabinet


A gorgeous pantry cabinet, the Home Styles Americana Pantry Storage Cabinet is reminiscent of those found in Colonial times. The very prominent base boards and top moldings give this piece a flair of elegance.

The cabinet has sold doors with recessed panels. This is a traditional Colonia style. Each cabinet side of the cabinet has two removable and adjustable shelves and one permanent shelf.

The cabinet is very large. It is 72 inches high, 30 inches wide and has a depth of 16 inches. This provides ample storage room for any area of your home. The white finish has been coated six times to ensure quality and beauty. It is easy to clean and you never have to worry about dust build up under the cabinet.


It was hard to find many issues with this piece. It offers a lot of storage room and a classic design that compliments any area. However, it is still made of manufactured wood. The manufacturer states that it is made from wood solids and manufactured wood. This translates into a composite board to our inspectors.

Because it is not solid wood, buyers will have to make sure that they do not over load the shelves and keep the piece in an area that is not damp or subject to a lot of humidity.


We really like the look and design of this pantry. It has a classic look and offers an exceptional amount of storage space. We were not to pleased with the pressboard construction, but if the buyer has a dry area to locate this piece, there should not be any problems.
  • Stunning piece that is well constructed
  • Exceptional amount of storage space
  • Adjustable shelving
  • Very tall and a little hard to move by yourself
  • Made from composite board

9.Prepac Elite Tall 1-Door Corner Cabinet – Best Corner Storage Cabinet


We loved this cabinet from the start. Everyone has a corner area in their home that they wish they could fill but do not know what to do with it. The 1 Home Elite Tall 1 Door Corner Storage Cabinet can solve this problem

The most unique quality about this cabinet is that the base of the structure has notches in the back that allows removal of some of the base to accommodate baseboards in your home. This lets you put the cabinet squarely up against the wall for a more effective use of space. Wall anchors are also included if you wish to secure the unit to the wall.

The cabinet is tall, 72 inches, so it can fill the entire corner. It is a semi-gloss white so it will brighten any dark areas of your home. The top part of the unit has one standard shelf and three that can be set to any height that you desire. The bottom of the storage unit has a closed storage area.

The unit was very easy to assemble and it was light enough for one person to manage putting it together and then standing it upright. The finish is semi-gloss which makes it very easy to dust and clean.


The one major drawback to this shelf is that it is made from laminated composite woods. While this does give the cabinet its light weight, it also means that you must be very careful how much weight you place in the unit itself.

Laminated composite also has the ability to chip up easily if the piece is in a high traffic area. Since this is a corner shelf, it is doubtful that it would be regularly interacted with, so buyers should not have to worry about this issue.


If you are looking for a storage cabinet to brighten up a corner space, then you will really love this unit. The semi-gloss white is very attractive without being to clinical. The adjustable shelves allow you to display whatever you want, regardless of size. Construction was very easy. The only thing that made us a little uneasy is the materials used to make the cabinet.
  • Fits snugly into any corner of your home
  • Has notched pieces on the back to allow it to snuggly fit baseboards
  • Adjustable shelving
  • Made from laminated composite woods so storage items cannot be too heavy
  • Laminated composite has potential to chip when used in high traffic areas

10.go2buy Antique Stackable Sideboard Buffet – Best Budget Buffet Styled Cabinet


The go2buy White Stackable Sideboard is a very unique cabinet. Designed to stack one on top of each other, the units are only 24.5 inches high. For those who only want to use one of these cabinets, they make a great side or end table anywhere in your home.

The front of the cabinet has sliding doors to make accessing your stuff much easier. The interior has one standard and one adjustable shelf. The top can also be used as a table or shelf area. The sides are slated for a rustic look. The color of the cabinet will brighten any area, and the slim line design means that it will fit into almost any size home.


Even though we really liked the design of this cabinet and its ability to stack with another one to make a larger piece, we are not real pleased with its strength. The cabinet is made from MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) which means that it is a lower quality product.

The manufacturer recommends that you do not palce more than 110 pounds wiorth of storage items on the unit at any time. We found that this is decreased when you stack the units. If you are going to only place very lightweight display items on this cabinet you should be okay. However, if you want to use it for setrious storage, you may not be pleased with the results.


Overall, we think this is a very attractive cabinet that serves a good purpose for displaying pictures or small knick-knacks. For heavy storage, such as books or other items, it is probably not recommended.
  • Easy to assemble and very lightweight
  • Made to stack additional components to create larger piece
  • Can also be used as an end table or side table
  • Low to the ground
  • Lightweight construction cannot bear heavy weight

2.Homestar Glass Cabinet – Best Glass Door Styled Cabinet


The first thing that can be said about the Homestar Glass Cabinet is that you notice the finish. Made to look like reclaimed wood, this piece gives any area a rustic look. The cabinet is a single piece item that is very spacious. It can easily be placed into any area of your home.

The cabinet is divided into four storage areas. The top has panel glass doors making it easy to display your china or favorite art pieces, and the bottom has two areas for storage that have solid hinged doors. The piece sits off of the ground by a few inches making cleaning under the cabinet easy.

The finish on the product is glossy, but not so much as to detract from the appeal of the cabinet. The gloss also offers an additional bonus of making the cabinet easy to clean by only using a soft cloth.


We have found only three real drawbacks to this item, and the third is only a maybe. The first true drawback to the piece is that you must assemble the item upon arrival. If you are not an experienced DIY’er, you may find this a little difficult. If you have some experience, expect to dedicate at least an hour into the construction.

The second drawback is that the item is made from particle board. While this allows the cabinet to be lighter and easier to move, this one is 120 pounds complete, particle board can become corrupted if it becomes too wet.

The final drawback is only an assumption. Since the cabinet is made from particle board, we assume that there are weight limits on what can be stored on each shelf. Particle board simply does not have the same tinsel strength as wood.


Even though the particle board construction of this cabinet is not our favorite, we have to admit that it seems to be the highest quality particle board we have ever seen for furniture. This is why we have ranked this piece as second best.
The finish of the cabinet is very high quality and the design is sure to compliment any home décor. The shelving does seem very sturdy, and the glass panes are an additional bonus to its pleasing appearance.
  • Glass panel doors on top provide display area as well as storage space
  • Reclaimed wood finish compliments any décor
  • Perfect for any room in the house
  • Assembly can be a little difficult for the unexperienced
  • Main material used for cabinet is high grade particle board

4.Homestar Miranda Cabinet – Best Budget Glass Door Cabinet


We loved the simplicity of this cabinet. Designed to showcase your valuables or china, the cabinet has two large pane glass doors and one storage drawer at the bottom. The design is very simple and will easily fit into any home décor.

What was most amazing about the piece was its weight. Weighing only 68 pounds when completed, including the tempered glass, this cabinet is easy to move around your home. Despite its light weight, it still stays very sturdy when all the shelves are in place.

The cabinet is only 47 inches tall, much shorter than similar cabinets. This makes it a great piece to put in small spaces or in areas where you have low ceilings. The cabinet sits off the ground by a couple of inches allowing for easy cleaning underneath.


The cabinet is made from pressed wood. While this is stronger than particle board, it still does not have the same strength and durability as wood. We also found that the large doors in comparison to the small drawer area makes the cabinet a little unstable if the shelves are not all in place.

A final drawback to this cabinet is its clinical appearance. Many people who were part of the review process stated that they thought the cabinet belonged in a medical office. However, others who took part of the review stated that it gave the room a country or homey feeling because of its design.


We think that this cabinet is a very good value for the money. It has a nice finish and is sturdy and is very easy to construct. We like that it brightens a dark space by its pure white finish and we think that the almost matte finish keeps it from looking out of place in any décor.

We do recommend that you keep the shelves in their assigned places. The directions say that they are adjustable, but the integrity of the piece can be compromised if the shelves are too far apart or too close together.

  • Full length glass doors allows you to display favorite items
  • Streamlined design that compliments any décor
  • Lightweight and easy to move
  • Made from pressed wood
  • Shelves must all be in place for optimal stability


When you are looking for a kitchen cabinet or just a storage cabinet for your home, there are several things that you must consider other than price. To make sure that you get exactly what you are looking for, make sure that you check the following items before making the purchase:


You will want to make sure that the overall size, including how far it stands out from the wall. Make sure that it will fit into the area you desire. You will also want to check the size of the storage space. Many cabinets have a lot of unused space because of their design and the storage space is actually quite small.


Carefully read the color of the product before making a choice. You will also want to determine if the finish is gloss, semi-gloss, or matte. This can make a difference if it will match your home décor. You will also want to establish if natural wood is a colored veneer or if it is real wood.


Check out the types of materials it is made out of before making a purchase. Remember that just because it is not real wood does not mean that it is poor quality. Many of the manufacturer woods are just as strong and durable as wood. However, if the product is made from pressed board or similar products, you should make sure that you are not placing it in an area with high humidity.


Most pieces come unassembled. The manufacturers generally tell you if the piece requires intensive assembly or if it is very easy to complete. Look for this information so that you are not frustrated when you are trying to assemble your cabinet.

There is not one home that ever has enough storage space. Every kitchen, every bedroom, every utility area needs more space. The best way to combat this problem without having to give up all of your stioff is with storage cabinets.

We believe that with careful selection, you can enhance the beauty of your home while creating more space for storage.

Our personal preferences from this list are the Home Styles Buffet and the Homestar Glass Cabinet. Both of these cabinets passed all of our requirements for materials, structure, appearance, and overall storage capabilities.

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